At Top Advisor Marketing, we love books. Reading or listening to storytelling is by and far one of our favourite pass times. For some of us our library cards see more action than our credit cards. In the spirit of a well worn book, we’ve compiled a list of what paperbacks or audio books have been with us lately. Be sure to check back next month for a list of our all time favourite books in honor of National Book Month!

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself – Dr. Joe Dispenza 

On the book shelf of Ray Gauthier

The Soul of an Octopus – Sy Montgomery

On the book shelf of Matthew Halloran

You All Grow Up and Leave Me – Piper Weisse

On the book shelf of Jessica Jackson

Marie Antoinette: The Journey – Antonia Fraser

On the book shelf of Julia Ritchie

The Happiness Equation – by Neil Pasricha

On the book shelf of Robyn Walters

Smarter, Better, Faster – Charles Duhigg

On the book shelf of Douglas Heikkinen

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

On the book shelf of Kaley Lewis.