3 Marketing Strategies You Can’t Ignore


branding, social marketing & financial podcasting


We’ll help you discover, articulate, design and promote your brand. You choose whether we do it for you, with you, or on your own. A good brand helps you get focused, know your audience better and build more value in your financial offering.


One of the most incredible financial advisor marketing tools ever. It’s better, and will endure longer, than the “seminar marketing craze”. Podcasting has many benefits and opportunities. It’s a must-have advisor marketing tool.


Social marketing can consume advisors and their team very quickly. We take away the burden of knowing what to post, when, how often and where. We help you build your omni-presence which is so critical in today’s marketing. Yes, you can be successful at social and not be consumed.



Imagine finally having a message so tight, and so compelling, people will be inspired to connect with you and refer you. You’ll enjoy:

  • Having more focus on your strengths, areas of opportunity and your ideal audience.
  • Knowing where you can add niche value to your practice.
  • The confidence to better market and close business with ideal prospects.
  • More time, more fun and more profit working with ideal clients.

We’ll help you:

  • Develop your brand. A great story that speaks to your strengths, passions, best opportunities and a niche audience that cares. 
  • Package your proof of concept. You need to be able to prove your brand is real, not just good marketing copy and a few fancy stock photos. We help you prove your brand via a diagrammed process/approach and a packaged white-paper. 
  • Enhance your social profiles. We make sure your brand message and proof are clear in your social profiles. 
  • Advise on your perfect website. We consult on your most important marketing tool – your marketing hub – your website. We’ll make sure you have the right layout, pages, content, focus and call-to-actions. We ensure your website fulfills critical roles in your marketing versus being seen and used as a simple brochure. 

Add-ons (for additional fees):
Email Nurture Marketing, Logo Design, Stationery Design, SEO Enhancement.



We’ll guide you through a 20 week program, helping you build your marketing in two 90-day segments. You’ll work with a small group of like-minded advisors guided by our TAM branding experts.

You’ll get:

  • We help you build a complete marketing solution.
  • It’s a hands-on. We help you. You’re not alone.
  • We educate, then guide, then review, then suggest enhancements where they are needed.
  • We walk you through the  building of all the essential pieces.
  • We’ve simplified marketing so you can build, implement and sustain.
  • Access the best financial marketing minds, know-how and tools.
  • Advisors will have “fully scripted marketing” ready to assign to designers, developers and implementers.
  • And, we build your website for you. Yes, it’s included, a kick-ass advisor website that actually plays an important role in your marketing. We create simple, powerful websites that have purpose. We’ve teamed up with TwentyOverTen to blow your mind.

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We’ll put you through our extensive brand impact analysis, see where you’re achieving results, where you’re falling short and what you need to focus on to have a compelling brand that’s easy to market.

You’ll get:

  • Access to our Brand Impact questions and process to better define where you’re at, where you’d like to go, and how to get there.
  • Brand Impact scoring related to where your brand currently stands and steps to take to improve.
  • The DIY version is Free.
  • There is also an online version ($49 USD) that provides:
    • instant grading in 5 categories
    • additional resources specific to assessed needs
    • consultation with branding expert on high-priority items


Struggling to attract and influence your ideal clients online?
Feeling the pressure to create authentic, diverse content?
Challenged to find the time to share effectively on social media?

We Produce.

  • Your Personal Podcast Brand

  • Podcast Naming & Graphics

  • Podcast Channel Setup

  • Initial Podcast Interview

  • Professionally Recorded Intro

  • 2 Podcasts/month

  • Professional Audio Equipment
    (we purchase and ship)

  • Podcast Coaching

  • Professional Podcast Host

We Publish.

We Turn 2 Podcasts Into:

  • Edited Audio Files & Podcast Transcripts

  • Podcast Episode Summaries

  • YouTube Videos

  • Content Link for Compliance

  • Upload to 5 Podcast Channels

We Also Provide:

  • Content Link for Compliance
  • Podcast Editing & Producing
  • Podcast Posting to Your Channel

We Promote.

  • 10+ Social Update Phrases

  • Syndicate to 10+ Podcast Communities

  • Posting to YouTube & LinkedIn Pulse

  • Exposure through Media Partners

Podcast Channel Setup, Equipment & Brand = $1,595.00

Podcast Production, Posting & Social @ 2/mth = $995.00/mth

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Financial advisors and their teams often struggle to: understand, define, and implement the right momentum building, network expanding social tactics, and messages.


We Help in Four Areas:

  • Personal and Client Interests

  • Your Niche Expertise

  • Community Focus and Events

  • Influential Community Centers of Influence

We Enhance Your Social Profiles and Your Proof Of Expertise.

  • Title & Summary Clarity

  • Proof of Expertise

  • Visual Appeal & Continuity

  • Calls To Action

  • Personalize Your Social Media Brand

We Uncover & Define Your Strategy.

  • Your Ideal Audience
  • Your Best Opportunities to Attract Followers
  • How To Build Influence Slowly But Surely
  • What Tactics Work With What Networks
  • Teach Your Team To Fish (Optional – we train your team members to take over social)

SETUP = $1,495

Social Enhancement & Daily Sharing = $795.00/mth

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