We teach top advisors how to
simplify their marketing and achieve More.

More Ideal Clients
More Profit
More Time to Enjoy Life
M​​​​​​​ore Fun

As branding and marketing pioneers for financial advisors  for over 15 years, we’ve decided to pack everything we’ve learned into a 20-week, expert-guided, brand mastery class. This isn’t your typical course. This is a roll-up-your sleeves and get-it-done experience with tangible results.

Variety of Deliverables

We’ll guide you through developing your niche audience, niche expertise, brand, website, content (paper/podcast), social profiles, marketing strategy and more.


We’ll do this with you on a digital learning platform, via virtual meetings, step-by-step until your message and your marketing fits into the “kicks-ass” category.

Office Size

We offer 2 advisor peer tracks/groups:

  1.  Solo-Advisors, and
  2. Multi-Advisor Firms (2-5 advisors)
  • It’s a 20-week course. Don’t let the duration scare you.  The idea is to not just teach you and show you but to make sure you actually execute.
  • The course’s resources and exercises are available to you as you need them  on a digital learning platform.
  • The group meets every two-weeks to review assignments, learn new concepts and work on the next deliverable.
  • Class sizes are  limited to a maximum of 12 advisors with similar practices. This keeps the group aligned with similar challenges and solutions.
  • The complete guided program will cost $7,295. You won’t believe what you get for that.

We have picked the brains of the best financial services coaching, marketing and branding minds to create the most complete advisor branding and marketing program ever.

  • We help you build a complete marketing solution.
  • It’s a hands-on. We help you. You’re not alone.
  • We educate, then guide, then review, then suggest enhancements where they are needed.
  • We walk you through the  building of all the essential pieces.
  • We’ve simplified marketing so you can build, implement and sustain.
  • Access the best financial marketing minds, know-how and tools.
  • Advisors will have “fully scripted marketing” ready to assign to designers, developers and implementers.
  • And, we build your website for you. Yes, it’s included, a kick-ass advisor website that actually plays an important role in your marketing. We create simple, powerful websites that have purpose. We’ve teamed up with TwentyOverTen to blow your mind.
  • We’ve built an extensive, yet simple, online learning program.
  • Advisors meet (online) every two weeks as a group with Ray and Matt.
  • Ray and Matt teach, guide and make recommendations to the group on every call.
  • We record and upload every learning session in case life happens.
  • Advisors work on their assigned marketing exercises following the learning session and, in down-weeks, Ray and Matt review those assignments.
  • We’re available by group chat during the 20-weeks to answer questions.
  • Advisors have quarterly one-on-one progress reports with Ray or Matt.
Brand Mastery

You’re getting $25,000+ worth of marketing.

We can do this because we’re guiding you to do it. Plus, we’ve developed systems and a digital platform to make it easier. We’ve also partnered with TwentyOverTen to build your website for you once we’ve helped you develop the perfect website strategy and content.

Full Course: $7,295

This includes our Brand Mastered website formula and a fully developed site by TwentyOverTen.

Here are several examples of our work. We’ll guide you to develop the same for yourself.

Want to talk?

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Next Multi-Advisor course starts January 16, 2018

Maximum 12 participants

Next Solo-Advisor course starts March 6, 2018

Maximum 12 participants

$495 deposit required.

Additional payments will be as follows:

  • $2,000 (Jan 14, 2018)
  • $2,400 (Feb 14, 2018)
  • $2,400 (Mar 14, 2018)
$495 deposit required.

Additional payments will be as follows:

  • $2,000 (Mar 5, 2018)
  • $2,400 (Apr 5, 2018)
  • $2,400 (May 5, 2018)
(Deposits can be pushed forward one time to the next available Brand Mastery course)