A Strong Brand:

  • Promotes discussion
  • Instills excellence
  • Clarifies your focus
  • Attracts and Intrigues
  • Generates more (and better) referrals
  • Accelerates your credibility and trust
  • Gets people to “Yes” quicker
The Brand Impact Assessment was developed to give you a quick and honest assessment of your Brand and how effective you are at leveraging it. The assessment helps you better understand how to move forward with your marketing and how to focus on the things that really matter.

The Brand Impact Assessment walks you through a series of thought provoking questions to help you understand where your brand is doing well and where you may want to focus some attention.

  1. Are Your Positioning Yourself as Different and/or Better?
  2. Does Your Brand Reflect Your Style?
  3. Can You Prove Your Brand?
  4. Are You Effectively Sharing Your Story?
  5. Do You Have A Vision?


Download the PDF version of the Brand Impact Assessment.  You can go through all the questions and work with the scoring system to establish what you are great at and where you may need to allocate some additional attention and determine your next course of action.
Note: If you are not already registered at Top Advisor Marketing, you will need to register and log-in before you can download.

WANT AN ON-LINE SOLUTION that automatically grades your answers and has resources to learn more and help you where you need it most?

The online version provides:

  • A grade for each of the 5 sections
  • Links to helpful information to help you improve.
  • A review with a financial branding expert.

Just reach out, we’ll have access to your online results and we’ll setup a time to have a good chat about your highest priority next-steps.

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