We help top advisors find their message, share their voice, expand their network, and leverage their influence for short-, medium-, and long-term results. We create Micro-Influencers. 

Become a Micro-Influencer

A Micro-influencer is an advisor or firm that OWNS a specific expertise, for a specific audience, in a specific region. 

Micro-Influence isn’t just a great marketing tactic, it’s a better way to grow your business by igniting and building relationships versus buying unqualified leads.

We Help You Develop:


We help you discover and articulate your unique message; a message based on your value proposition and your ideal audience’s needs.

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– We create a compelling brand and a clear message

– We identify your ideal audience(s) and how to help you stand out



We help you share your expertise in a powerful, simple, and fun way, which through an intimate lean-in medium, encourages engagement and relationship building.

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– We make content creation fun and easy by leveraging the power of podcasting

– We streamline the development and distribution of your thought leadership

– We use podcasting and social media to deepen relationships with clients, COIs, and prospects


We systematically grow your ideal audience and listeners, who over time will know you as the expert who shares and engages, and who they ultimately trust most.

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– We use guest podcasting tactics to get COIs to market you to their entire network

– We help inspire clients, prospects, and COIs to start referring and with more frequency

Leave the marketing to us and focus on running your advisory business.



Some of the people we’ve worked with…

Our Micro-Influencer Solutions:


Your Voice


Your Loud


Your Audience

Our Top Advisor Marketing Blog:

PODCAST: Marketing for Top Advisors

We regularly quip about branding and marketing for financial advisors. Kirk Lowe, Matt Halloran and Ray Gauthier share their unique perspectives, strategies and experiences working with financial advisors for over 20 years. We also hand pick experienced financial marketing and technology guests to help advisors simplify their marketing mindsets and strategies to achieve better results.


Death by Referrals Whitepaper

Explore a simple, sustainable marketing mindset that will help you attract more ideal referrals.

"The most important paper I've written in my 17 years in financial marketing. How advisors are killing their practices by not investing in the right referral mindset." - Kirk Lowe


The Future of Referrals Ain’t What it Used to Be

Advisors are always looking for a better way to share their expertise and find the best opportunities.

Let us introduce to you the Micro-Influencer approach. It may be the perfect focus for successful advisors and RIAs that want to enhance, yet simplify, their marketing strategy.

Take Control. Start at Influencer Academy.

For many years now, we're been creating and sharing marketing resources for financial advisors. A few years back, we created AdvisorU and before long, and without much promotion, it grew to 300 members in a month. We've decided to rename AdvisorU to Influencer Academy and make it available for free right here at TopAdvisorMarketing.com. There are 150+ papers, videos, courses, practice management audio-snippets, exercises for developing your top advisor brand, developing effective websites, implementing sound social media, starting your own financial podcast and more. Oh, and there's no charge to access.