AdvisorU is a collection of some 150+ resources to help financial advisors with Branding and Marketing in their practices.

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A Small Apology:  Some of the Video and Audio resources still have Financial Marketing University or Practice Management logos. We are working on editing them under the AdvisorU banner but thought it best to continue to make them available to you during the transition.

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We’ve created an online instructor led course where, at the end of it, you get a fully designed and functional website. The course is chock-full of resources and exercises about branding and marketing. Well guide you through developing your niche audience, niche expertise, brand, website, content (paper/podcast), social profiles, marketing strategy and more.

If you have suggestions as to what you want help with, we’d love to hear them. We’ll take your suggestions very seriously and use them to develop content in AdvisorU and in for our podcast, Top Advisor Marketing.


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